History of cognac

Year 1636, the winemakers of Cognac (a small region near Bordeaux viticola) revolted because the low price of wine is not amortized costs, and not pay taxes, almost the entire crop distilled and stored in oak barrels.

Year 1751, the review Encyclopedie Cognac spirits as high quality.
1860, will start selling the liquor bottles and carrying the name of the place of origin, begins to speak of that brandy and Cognac Eau de vie.

Year 1909, the French administration instituted only be called Cognac those spirits that meet the six standards reflected in the decree of May 1, 1909, the first so much as distilled wine, must proceed and be developed in the region bounded by La Charente, Charente-Maritime and a pair of two separate sub-dependent ancillary departments.

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